America got Trump’d

Wow, what a campaign and what a surprising result. America is in shock, the World is in shock and Trump will be the newsmaker of the decade if he implements his campaign promises.

Instead of having celebration’s in the treats, there are demonstrations. Instead of all the global powers congratulating Trump on his success, questions are posed to America as a country regarding the various policies Trump attacked during his campaign.

This affected the financial markets immediately with certain currencies staggering under the election results.

Be very careful what you wish for. Americans want to drive success and Trump personifies this. Every entrepreneur tends to take risks and don’t follow the norm, and he is no different.

The questions are now, what is the Risk Treatment plan to try and limit or manage the reputational damage of the USA? They are not accepting Trump as he is. The demonstrations are evident of this. There is no way of avoiding Trump, he has the power and a significant power base per the voters. They cannot transfer it anywhere and they cannot share it with someone else.

This is where the Opportunity side of Risk Management surfaces. What is the Opportunity of having Trump? How can his best qualities be harnessed and turn the USA economy into a bigger powerhouse they already are? He is a Businessman and exceptional entrepreneur and you don’t get to his standing without sound business relationships. This must be the space to focus on for the next 100 days as he settles into office. We will see Opportunity Risk Management in action. And for myself, I hope this would be the case, as we need more “Can doers” than politician’s.