A Heist at OR Tambo: Risk Management and Internal Control Failure

Yes, you have seen the news, read the papers and followed the story. OR Tambo is a National Key Point (NKP), with the highest level of security one can have nationally, and they were robbed, without any resistance, record, detection, within 23 minutes from start to finish, and robbed specific cargo, on a specific place in the distribution channel, with absolutely no detection and no internal control alerts.

This does not sound right at all. Inside job screams at every Internal Control Breached. And two weeks later, no arrests, the money is gone and nobody takes responsibility.

Various levels governing this environment, not only 3 Lines of Defence, but multiple Layers of Protection Approaches (LOPA) to protect this gateway to the globe, was breached with such ease.

Crest’s CEO, Nico Snyman, was interviewed by ANN7 News Channel and host Sindy Mabe, regarding the risks involved, the failure of the various internal controls and the challenges for the Aviation Industry.

For the full interview, please click here to view the recording. For photos of the interview, please click here.