2017: The year of opportunities

Firstly, may I wish everyone a fantastic, productive and prosperous 2017.

At this stage, we know:

  • the motor vehicle road deaths during the festive season has exceeded the previous 2016 figures;
  • the schools have re-opened and the Department of Education are sitting with a challenge of over 57000 pupils who needs to be placed,
  • the Higher Education uncertainty with #FeesMustFall will continue,
  • the drought has been broken with excellent rain falls across the country and the economists predicting that there will be a huge impact on retailers, with the possibility of job losses.

Yes, this is what life and business is all about. Managing Uncertainty. This is also the ISO 31000 definition of Risk: the effect of Uncertainty on Objectives.

Looking into the crystal ball for 2017, CAA has a great year planned with fantastic possibilities and opportunities. CAA is already scheduled for:

  • local and international key note addresses at various prestigious global conferences,
  • we are expanding our training offering locally and we are launching our International Training programs in India and Dubai;
  • We are also expanding our quality offerings to our customers by providing affordable systems, from the Global leader in Learning Management Systems (LMS), the most advanced Incident and Investigation Management System, to a basic, global leader, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system, to move away from the Excel spreadsheet approach.